How to Plan a Hen Night Full of Fun & Frolic

Gone are the days when to celebrate the last few days of single status the bridesmaid used to throw a Hen Night party for the bride-to-be at a local pub followed by using adultfrienedfinder app login and a round of drinks at home before they called it a night. Now the girls too believe in the concept that why guys should have all the fun and so hen night are more exciting and often make a bold statement making it a night to remember for all the attendees. So if you too are planning to throw a hen night for a cousin, a dear friend or even for yourself here is a check out list for all the preparations that you will have to do:

  • You should first prepare a guest list by taking the help of bride-to-be so as to include all the family and friends that’s she would like to join. Also small tidbits about every guest would be really helpful as that will help you in deciding their likes and dislikes in terms of food, drinks as well as games that they would like to play.
  • It is now the time to send the invitations and rather than sending the invitation using conventional mails it is advisable that you send e-vites which will make it easier for you to know the response of the guests and find out how many people will be actually attending the hen night party.
  • Once you have the guest list and know who would be attending the event you then need to focus your attention on the actual activities that you would like to organize on the D-Day. To make your hen night party more fun you can throw a theme party based on a color say red, magenta or pink or you can even go true to the name of the event and ask the bride to be and others to dressed up with some accessories to appear like hen. You can also give an open choice to all your guests so that they can wear whatever they want and later organize a fancy dress competition.
  • Next you need to decide on room and stage décor which should be attractive and create a welcoming ambience. Keep the theme of the party in mind while select the décor. Use a lot of pink, maroon, red and silver along with heart shaped balloons, candles and lamps. Select appropriate banners and fun tableware to beautifully decorate the hall.
  • Hen night is the day of enjoyment and fun. To make the guests treasure this party for a long time and to make it more entertaining you should decide upon some fun games like age old truth or dare and the more recent being Hen Night bingo. You can also play some pranks on bride to be and make the night more interesting by calling a professional tarot card reader or fortune teller.

Last but not the least, plan the party menu keeping in mind the taste of the guests and the season when the party is being organized. The food should be simple but well cooked and served well. Take the help of professional caterers to make your task easier. With all this planning you are bound to throw an event that will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time to come.

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