What’s going on beneath the surface needs to be more important to you than image and surface

Most of you, women, stop at surface.

Is he good looking? What kind of car does he drive? What does he do for a living? How much money does he have? Is he what I want aesthetically? Is he intelligent? Can he take of care of me? Will he protect me? Will he take me out and treat me right? Will he boost my image? Will he be good in bed? Does he have the same hobbies and interests in me? Can he be my dream man?

While all these surface things are totally valid, they are pointing to something deeper, way deeper that you are looking for.

I’m not denying the importance of surface. For all the hum drum people who get their panties in a wad over the superficiality of surface, to deny or reject the value of surface is denying your humanity. People who bypass their humanity like to reject surface. Surface and what’s beneath are both important, but it’s the direction of the flow that is important.

It is your right to want what you want on adultfrienedfinder. And you can own what you want, but make sure that you are coming at it for the right reasons, not from a place of inadequacy and insecurity. Come from a genuine place of desire, seeing this as a true reflection of your worth and value. It’s ok to desire beauty, and nice things like thrusting vibrators. Just not at the cost of substance.

When you are willing to cut yourself short to maintain the image in light of whatever issues are arising there is something fishy going on.

And that smell is going to haunt your ass until you acknowledge the foulness of it’s odor.

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